Your Foster Carer, social worker and all the staff at Select Fostercare are dedicated to looking after you. We will listen to you, involve you, make plans with you and do our best to help positive things happen for you, in all you do.

The decision for you to live away from home in foster care was made to keep you safe and ensure your needs are met. We do understand that this doesn’t always make it easy for you. We are here to support you as you grow and ensure you have positive experiences. Just like children you know who live with their own families, you have rights.

To live with a safe, warm and

caring family

To eat well and have a healthy diet

To have good health and a

healthy lifestyle

To be listened to and have your views taken into account when any decisions are made about your care or welfare

To have a good education and

great life chances


To get additional help

when and where you need it

Big statements, we know, but we mean it and the law says that’s our job. That’s why we want to make sure these and other good, positive things happen for you. If you feel that any of these things are not happening for you, or want to talk to us about something that you are not happy with, then please let us know.
Select Fostercare is an Independent Fostering Agency helping foster families at every step to care for a child.
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