Select Fostercare is a established independent Fostering Agency  registered with Ofsted. We work in partnership with our carers, local authorities and other agencies to promote and safeguard the welfare of ‘looked after’ children and young people in foster care.

We are committed to working in a transparent and non-judgemental way, embracing diversity that values cultural differences. We strive to ensure that at all times there is clarity in our expectations of foster carers, our staff, partnering agencies and what can be expected from us. Our Foster children, Carers, staff, colleagues in other agencies and members of the public are assured they will be treated with dignity and respect at all times.

Our management team has many years of experience in social care provision and business administration. We have a multi professional team of qualified and experienced staff for assessments, planning and support services to children and young people in our care.

Finance and quality assurance

Our weekly fees are based on the true cost of care and provision for children and young people in placement; supporting our carers; operating the agency and developing our services.

Quality assurance and value for money are evaluated by our on-going programme of audits to identify :-

  • Outcomes for children
  • Effectiveness of service provision
  • Effective use of resources in meeting our obligations under the Fostering Service Regulations 2011, National minimum standards and other relevant legislation.
Service provision

In addition to the provision of day to day care and associated expenses, the following are examples of services included in the fees:

  • A comprehensive initial assessment report is provided for all children and young people after the first 28 days in placement, to inform and assist placing authorities in planning for good outcomes for ‘looked after’ children.
  • Life story work and ‘memory book’ for all children and young people.
  • Individually designed behaviour management programmes for children, young people and carers.
  • Peer Support groups for children and young people to help prevent possible isolation.
  • Health Passport.
  • Preparation for independence and leaving care, including practical life skills training.
  • Aftercare support and advice.
Additional services

The following services are available to respond to issues or concerns that might impede development and CYP achieving good outcomes. These services can be commissioned from  consultants, on behalf of the local authority. Written Feedback is provided on all sessions to gauge effectiveness and inform care planning:-

  • Art therapy is available to help CYP reconcile emotional conflict, develop self- awareness, personal growth and self- confidence.
  • Psychotherapy sessions are offered to CYP to explore and make better sense of their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Outcomes will include a greater sense of well-being, enhanced skills in problem solving and levels of functioning.
  • Various counselling services can be commissioned to help CYP address feelings around bereavement, separation and loss of significant people in their lives.
  • Appropriate adult/ outreach service is available to facilitate work that falls outside the usual fostering task, which includes supervised contact away from the foster home and befriending work with CYP outside the foster home as required.

Select Fostercare aims to provide children and young people with high quality care that promotes their development and safeguards their welfare. Children are cared for by foster carers who are well trained and committed to supporting and addressing their needs.

Local authorities and partner agencies can be assured of Select Fostercare’s commitment to our operating principles of Openness, Honesty, Integrity and transparency in all our activities.


To discuss a referral or enquire about our foster carer profiles, just give us a call on 0208 536 4949 or email us at placements@selectfostercare.co.uk.


Select Fostercare is an Independent Fostering Agency helping foster families at every step to care for a child.

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