Select Fostercare is an Independent Fostering Agency helping foster families at every step to care for a child. We are a team of forward-thinking individuals from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds, working together with local authorities and other agencies to provide better outcomes for children.



When defining our company values, we started with the principles that already lay at Select Fostercare’s core – the vision that got us started in this tough but rewarding journey of providing the best outcomes for children.



Achieve a better solution by voicing out your opinions and ideas and working together as a team.

Forward Thinking

Treat everyone as you would like to be treated, irrespective of gender, sexual orientation, age, ethnic background, and culture.


Care intensely for all children. Put the child’s welfare ahead of any decision.


Provide better outcomes for children by supporting all involved in the child’s welfare.


The Agency was developed by Patrick Clarke and Bob Holmes, who joined forces following Patrick’s extensive research and review of the, then, current provision of fostering services in England and Wales.

The aim was, and remains, for the Agency to deliver a service that exceeds the requirements of the Fostering Services Regulations(2011) and associated National Minimum Standards.

Bob and Patrick were ideally suited to achieve this due to their complimentary skills and experience. Bob has over 30 years extensive experience in business administration, IT and finance. Patrick has worked in Social Care for over 35 years in both the statutory and Independent sectors, managing children services.

The Agency achieved Ofsted registration in August 2013.


Team Member 1

Team Member 1

Company Role

It is rare to be in a working environment where you can say that you look forward to coming in every morning. Everyone is very helpful and people really do go out of their way to help in any way they can.

I am able to look to the future and see lots of opportunities for personal growth and development.

Team Member 2

Team Member 2

Company Role

I get to be part of a movement at Select Fostercare: providing children a chance at becoming healthy citizens contributing to a better world in the future. I wonder how many people can say that!

I love that we get to have fun like kids at times, and also grow as an individual while working at Select Fostercare! This can be through theme park outings, football sessions, zumba classes, books, courses, networking events and more!

Team Member 3

Team Member 3

Company Role

At Select Fostercare we work and laugh hard. The team has an open mind and heart, both being very important when working in foster care.

My work is challenging, but incredibly satisfying. I cannot express how it feels to work with a child at a young age and see them blossom into a highly-capable and healthy adult after being in fostercare.

Jobs Available

Want to join the Select Fostercare team? Apply here


If you don’t see a position advertised for you, but are confident you’d make a great addition to the team we’d invite you to still send through your application, making sure to outline your area of expertise and why you think that you would make a great fit! Please take a bit of time to really promote your skills, passion, experience and potential – while we value experience, potential also excites us so tell us as much as you can!


Select Fostercare is an Independent Fostering Agency helping foster families at every step to care for a child.

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